MUCINEX® Clears Chest Congestion

  • MUCINEX® is a 12 hour, extended-release 600g guaiphenesin tablet1,2,3
  • Patented bi-layer tablet technology† 1, 2, 3
  • - Immediate-release layer provides rapid delivery of the active ingredient, while the extended-release layer provides 12-hour symptom relief
  • Maximum therapeutic daily dose provides the potency of multiple doses without frequent dosing intervals of liquid guaiphenesin.
    • -Mucinex® is convenient to take with just 2 doses per day, 1-2 tablets twice daily, maximum therapeutic dose of 2400mg
    • - Other Guaiphenesin medications could require up to 6 doses per day

Based on dosage instructions Maximum therapeutic dose = 2400mg/day

† Blue and white tablet depicts Mucinex®.
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